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A 21 year journey in Strategic Workforce Planning for the U.S. Air Force with Colonel Patrick J. White

Colonel Patrick J White of the US Airforce shares his 21 year career journey in strategic workforce planning for a workforce of around 700,000 people.
He explains the two frameworks through which his career has evolved. Starting in the demand side and then moving into supply, Patrick was able to take integrate both to provide a holistic view. Through this lens he is able to provide decision makers with meaningful insights to help them prioritise requests for additional people that can be around 22,000 per year.

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Steering Leaders Towards a Sustainable Future with Annette Gray

Unlock a new perspective on leadership as Annette Gray, a leadership coach with a transformative approach to steering teams through the climate crisis, joins us to share her insights and experiences. Prepare to be inspired by Annette’s unique journey from shaping young minds as a high school teacher to nurturing the growth of senior leaders and advocating for environmental stewardship. Her work with Homeward Bound and an eye-opening expedition to Antarctica has solidified her commitment to sustainable living and highlighted the urgency for collective action in line with the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

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