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Every day, amazing people just like you, are driving workforce transformation to create a brighter future for their organisations and their people.

In this podcast, I speak with people at the forefront of workforce transformation. 

They share their stories of what they did, why they did it, what they achieved and what they learned along the way.

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Episode 36 - A 21 Year Journey in Strategic Workforce Planning in the US Airforce with Colonel Patrick J. White

Colonel Patrick J White of the US Airforce shares his 21 year career journey in strategic workforce planning for a workforce of around 700,000 people.

Episode 35 - Steering Leaders Towards a Sustainable Future with Annette Gray

Unlock a new perspective on leadership as Annette Gray, a leadership coach with a transformative approach to steering teams through the climate crisis, joins us to share her insights and experiences. Prepare to be inspired by Annette’s unique journey from shaping young minds as a high school teacher to nurturing the growth of senior leaders and advocating for environmental stewardship. 

Episode 30 - Orchestrating Strategic Workforce Planning and Organisational Transformation with Christian Fernandez

Christian Fernandez has supported many organisations in their transformation efforts by aligning their people, processes and technology that improve organisational capabilities to yield higher profit margins, operational efficiencies, return on investment and talent engagement and retention.

Episode 29 - Solving the rural health workforce challenge, one community at a time with Dr. Cath Cosgrave

Dr Cath Cosgrave works closely with communities to implement the Attract Connect Stay framework that has achieved significant improvements in retention of rural health workforce, with eight out of 10 reporting within six months their intention to stay for the medium to long term. Dr Cosgrave has a deep passion for addressing rural access inequities and resourcing challenges. She’s dedicated to supporting rural communities to become thriving and sustainable places to live and work.

Episode 27 - Transforming Business Performance through Strategic Workspace Design with Melissa Marsden

Melissa Marsden is a workplace dynamics strategist, reimagining work environments to drive high performing teams. In this episode she explains how she blends her expertise in interior design and human behaviour to create fit for purpose workplaces that enable people and organisations to thrive.
Melissa takes us through her process of how she develops a thorough understanding of the organisation’s purpose, the type of work that is performed and how the workplace can be purposefully designed to facilitate that.

Episode 22 - A partnered approach to strategic workforce planning with Dave Burrows

Dave Burrows has a new approach to Strategic Workforce Planning…Coaching.
He has over 30 years’ experience devoted to the delivery of data, reporting and analytics, including 17 years purely focused people analytics and strategic workforce planning in both London and Sydney. 
Most recently he was Director of Workforce Planning for Faethm by Pearson where he worked with several large corporates on three continents before launching his own practice, Strictly Workforce Planning.

Episode 22 - A partnered approach to strategic workforce planning with Dave Burrows

Dave Burrows has a new approach to Strategic Workforce Planning…Coaching.
He has over 30 years’ experience devoted to the delivery of data, reporting and analytics, including 17 years purely focused people analytics and strategic workforce planning in both London and Sydney. 
Most recently he was Director of Workforce Planning for Faethm by Pearson where he worked with several large corporates on three continents before launching his own practice, Strictly Workforce Planning.

Episode 21 - Ensuring impact of human centred design with Jo’Anne Langham

Joanne Langham is the founder of Spark Tank, which is an innovation platform that uses a process of neural collaboration that enables concurrent and simultaneous streams of ideation on the same topic. She has been applying human centred design to not only solve complex problems, but she has also developed an evaluation framework to measure whether they achieved their desired impact.

Episode 20 - The windows into the future that will enable us to thrive with Kieran Murrihy

Kieran Murrihy is a consultant futurist and founder of Crazy Ideas College and Foresight Lane. In this episode he walks us gently through different frameworks that enable us to better understand where the future is taking us and how we can gain the greatest benefit from it. 

He truly is an inspiration and this episode is definitely worth listening to more than once. I highly recommend.

Episode 18 - Designing the digital experience with Jazz Hanley

Jazz Hanley is the Enterprise Sales Director at Temporal, a leading workplace analytics and insights company, making working life more productive, efficient and engaging for all. His focus for 2023 and beyond, is to create a digital working environment with the same intention as the physical. 


Episode 17 - Taking a systems approach to workforce planning for urgent care in rural health with Helen Finneran

Helen Finneran has been workforce planning for health organisations for over 15 years.
She speaks about how she applied systems thinking to improve outcomes for urgent care in rural health. This is a truly wicked problem and Helen takes us through the steps she took to determine the four projects that would make a difference.


Episode 16 - Welcoming the new season of HR...the Human Experience Era, with Dieter Veldsman from AIHR

Dieter Veldsman PhD is an Organisational Psychologist with a strong focus on strategic HR, talent, digital HR organisational design and development. He was awarded the CHRO of the year in 2021 by the Chief HR Officer Society of South Africa. He has 15 plus years of experience across the HR value chain and lifecycle having worked for and consulted with various multinational corporations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, APAC and Latin America. He has held the positions of groups CHRO people in organisational effectiveness executive, Principal, consultant, and chief scientist research and development. 


Episode 15 - Planning tomorrow to optimise today with Alison Hernandez

Alison Hernandez explains how she had driven better outcomes for organisations and employees for over 20 years.
She takes us through the important considerations to creating optimal employee experiences that are underpinned by listening to employees and finding solutions together.


Episode 14 - "Studying humans behind data" with Andrea Derler

Andrea Derler PhD is the Principal of Research and Value at Visier and conducts research on one of the largest data sets available, 17 million employees…and counting.

Andrea speaks to us about what she has been finding lately that we can use to make better decisions relating to the humans in our organisations.

Episode 13 - Finding and leveraging your informal internal networks through organisational network analysis with Ralf Buechsenschuss

In this episode, Ralf Buechsenschuss explains how he aligns HR Strategy, People Analytics and Digital Transformation to gain the greatest benefit from both formal and informal networks within an organisation.
Ralf explains how these fields intersect to create a comprehensive picture to guide decision making to deliver strategic priorities.
He also provides an example of how he partnered with an organisation to bring in a neuro diverse workforce, integrate them into his team to develop a complex algorithm.
Truly inspiring stuff Ralf!

Episode 12 - Three creative ways to build and sustain a high performing workforce with Kath Hume

In this episode, it’s just me sharing  three creative ideas for how we might build and sustain a high performing workforce.
I outline the practical steps we can take to enhance the experience of employees in the workforce to boost their motivation, enhance their performance and encourage them to stay.

Episode 11 - How Deb Semple supports organisations to design for efficiency and effectiveness

In this episode, Deb Semple provides some of her recent experiences in supporting organisations to crowdsource information from their workforces to inform their organisational design.

Deb has a wealth of experience in supporting a range of industries. She explains how she utilises the HR Tech solution, OrgVue to consult with her clients to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Episode 10 - How to deliver impact that matters by blending people analytics and IO psych with Christopher Cerasoli

In this episode, Christopher Cerasoli speaks with such clarity about the future of People Analytics and the importance of blending it with behavioural science and industrial and organisational psychology.

Episode 9 - How we can all be more productive to balance work and life with Phil Cook

In this episode, I speak with Phil Cook about how we be more productive and design work around life.

Episode 8 - How Nick Kennedy is building strategic workforce planning capability through the Workforce Planning Institute

In this episode, I speak with Nick Kennedy about how he is supporting organisations globally by building strategic workforce planning capability.

Episode 7 - How the People and Culture function drives value through by optimising the workforce with Maree Howard

In this episode we are joined by Maree Howard who speaks about the evolution of Human Resources and where we need to take our function into the future to create value.

Episode 6 - Reimagining with Human Centred Design with Ian Arnold

In this episode we are joined by Ian Arnold who shares with us his approach to creating the reimagined workforce using human centred design.

Episode 5 - Introduction to Human Centred Design to drive innovative solutions to complex problems with Kath Hume

In this episode of the Reimagined Workforce podcast, I provide an introduction to the human centred design methodology in preparation for the episode 6 with Ian Arnold who describes his experience in applying it in his work.

I explain why human centred design used to solve complex problems. I outline the key steps and how to bring them to life. I describe how human centred design might be used to solve one of the Top 5 workforce challenges facing healthcare that Alicia Cook raised in episode 2.

Episode 4 - Strategic Workforce Planning to thrive today and tomorrow

In this episode Alicia Roach, Founder and Joint CEO of eQ8 outlines why Strategic Workforce Planning is an absolutely essential part of future proofing organisations today to ensure the have a tomorrow.

Episode 3 - Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning with Kath Hume

In this episode, I how to establish a strategic workforce planning project or function and the steps you can move through to develop and implement a dynamic strategic workforce plan.

Episode 2 - Top 5 Workforce Opportunities and Challenges

In this episode Director of Emerson Health, Alicia Cook shares her insights on the Top 5 Workforce challenges and opportunities facing Health organisations across all jurisdictions. 

Episode 1 - Introduction to the Reimagined Workforce podcast

In this episode, I explain my reasons for creating this podcast and sharing it publicly.
Essentially, I hope people feel energised and inspired by others who are willing to share their stories.