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Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning podcast episode transcript

In next week’s episode of the Reimagined Workforce podcast, Alicia’s Roach, Founder and co-CEO of eQ8 shares her reasons for creating a tech platform that enables dynamic scenario planning to support strategic workforce planning.

In preparation for that episode, I just wanted to provide a bit of context on what strategic workforce planning is for those that might not be overly familiar.

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Building Organisational Resilience to Optimise Performance

Increasing global competitiveness, disruptive technology and changing stakeholder expectations are accelerating the pace of change. Organisations need to develop resilience to predict, prepare and adapt so they can thrive into the future. They must be well prepared to use change to their advantage. To continuously improving to deliver products and services more efficiently while innovating. To create new business opportunities in the future to achieve and sustain their competitive advantage.

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Learning while Innovating

Learning and development (L&D) professionals are increasingly becoming business partners, trusted to optimise performance and sustained business outcomes. We have a critical role in driving a learning culture that permeates throughout the fabric of our organisations. We design meaningful learning experiences that generate value for our learners, their organisations and the people they serve.

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Driving Performance for the Future of Work

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairperson of the World Economic Forum argues that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will see a paradigm shift in how we work, live and connect. Smart technologies, cognitive computing and connected systems will bring efficiencies in production that have the potential to improve our quality of life. However; we must remain cognizant of the risk of increasing inequalities between low and high skilled individuals.

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The Myth of our Shrinking Attention Span

I am sure you have heard various reports that our attention spans are shrinking. In our busy lives where we have very little time to think, it is easy to accept this as a fact, but can we take a moment to unpack this? First of all, I wonder, do we ever question how these reports define ‘attention’? What was the research measuring, how was it measured and are the results really true indicators of what is happening in our own brains? Is it clicks on screens or quality time with people we love? What is it and what was the point? Do we ever ask ourselves this? Either way, could I ask you to now?

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