Blue Sky Thinking


Welcoming the new season of HR…the Human Experience Era, with Dieter Veldsman from AIHR

Dieter Veldsman PhD explains his vision for the future of the Human Resource profession and how designing the human experience will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.
He speaks about:
* why it is an exciting time to be in HR
* the changing perception around who HR exists for
* reimagining work to reimagine the workforce
* the real meaning of human centric organisations
* taking care to avoid confusing flexibility and freedom
* how we leave things a little better than we found them
* making work enjoyable
* moving into the human experience era
* nurturing curiosity to thrive
* why we can all benefit from sharing talent.

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Planning tomorrow to optimise today with Alison Hernandez

Alison Hernandez explains how she had driven better outcomes for organisations and employees for over 20 years.

She takes us through the important considerations to creating optimal employee experiences that are underpinned by listening to employees and finding solutions together.

We discuss:
* the impact of demographic shifts
the four step process for Redesigning Work
* the factors we need to consider
the ‘forgotten workforce
* ‘why listening is crucial
the need for personalisation
and much, much more.

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