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A partnered approach to strategic workforce planning with Dave Burrows

Dave Burrows has a new approach to Strategic Workforce Planning…Coaching.
He has over 30 years’ experience devoted to the delivery of data, reporting and analytics, including 17 years purely focused people analytics and strategic workforce planning in both London and Sydney.
Most recently he was Director of Workforce Planning for Faethm by Pearson where he worked with several large corporates on three continents before launching his own practice, Strictly Workforce Planning.

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How to design for positive impact in Government with Jo’Anne Langham

Joanne Logan is the founder of Spark Tank, which is an innovation platform that uses a process of neural collaboration that enables concurrent and simultaneous streams of ideation on the same topic. Jo is an entrepreneur and innovator. She is highly skilled in human centred design, statistical data analysis and public administration design. She also has a strong consulting background as well as 15 years as a senior executive in the Commonwealth public service. Her qualifications include a Doctor of Philosophy in the measurement, evaluation, and accountability of public sector design for citizens, and a Master of Philosophy focused on economic psychology, tax compliance, and service design from the University of Queensland. Jo is passionate about the democratisation of ethics of design, as well as making creativity accessible for all.
She speaks with Kath Hume, host of the Reimagined Workforce podcast to share her approach to delivering positive impact.

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The windows into the future that will enable us to thrive with Kieran Murrihy

As a consultant futurist Kieran Murrihy has the great fortune of collaborating with people and organisations that want to generate inspired visions of the future, and build the models and approaches that bring those visions to life. Kieran’s formula for achieving this is Think beyond, “Connect across and Do new” hearing is skilled at helping people make sense of the important shifts taking place across our economies, workplaces, institutions, service settings and communities. His professional experiences give him a very pragmatic perspective on how this knowledge is applied in a real world setting. With extensive experience leading community regeneration efforts in areas of socio economic disadvantage, Kieran is skilled at assessing the most effective way to achieve positive and sustained change in complex settings. As the founder of Crazy Ideas College he is at the forefront of equipping young people to thrive in the modern workforce, and establishing new roads for them to play a vital role in keeping our economies, communities and environments vibrant, and prosperous.

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Designing the digital employee experience with Jazz Hanley

Jazz Hanley is the Enterprise Sales Director at Temporal, a leading workplace analytics and insights company, making working life more productive, efficient and engaging for all. His focus for 2023 and beyond, is to create a digital working environment with the same intention as the physical.

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Taking a systems approach to workforce planning for urgent care in rural health with Helen Finneran

Helen Finneran has been workforce planning for health organisations for over 15 years.
She speaks about how she applied systems thinking to improve outcomes for urgent care in rural health. This is a truly wicked problem and Helen takes us through the steps she took to determine the four projects that would make a difference.
* Helen’s reimagined workforce
* Finding true transformation
* attempting to solve the unsolvable
* Helen’s traditional approach to workforce planning
* refocussing on the system to ‘solve’ problems
* framing the future in three horizons
* the role of the workforce planner in creating a better future.

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Welcoming the new season of HR…the Human Experience Era, with Dieter Veldsman from AIHR

Dieter Veldsman PhD explains his vision for the future of the Human Resource profession and how designing the human experience will lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.
He speaks about:
* why it is an exciting time to be in HR
* the changing perception around who HR exists for
* reimagining work to reimagine the workforce
* the real meaning of human centric organisations
* taking care to avoid confusing flexibility and freedom
* how we leave things a little better than we found them
* making work enjoyable
* moving into the human experience era
* nurturing curiosity to thrive
* why we can all benefit from sharing talent.

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Planning tomorrow to optimise today with Alison Hernandez

Alison Hernandez explains how she had driven better outcomes for organisations and employees for over 20 years.

She takes us through the important considerations to creating optimal employee experiences that are underpinned by listening to employees and finding solutions together.

We discuss:
* the impact of demographic shifts
the four step process for Redesigning Work
* the factors we need to consider
the ‘forgotten workforce
* ‘why listening is crucial
the need for personalisation
and much, much more.

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“Studying humans behind data” with Andrea Derler

Andrea Derler PhD is the Principal of Research and Value at Visier and conducts research on one of the largest data sets available, 17 million employees…and counting.

Andrea speaks to us about what she has been finding lately that we can use to make better decisions relating to the humans in our organisations.

In particular, she discusses:
* the need for data capability addressing blind spots
* turnover contagion
* pre-quitting behaviours
* boomerang employees.

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How Deb Semple supports organisations to design for efficiency and effectiveness

In this episode, Deb Semple provides some of her recent experiences in supporting organisations to crowdsource information from their workforces to inform their organisational design.

Deb has a wealth of experience in supporting a range of industries. She explains how she utilises the HR Tech solution, OrgVue to consult with her clients to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

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